the .giffany shrine


This page is a shrine dedicated to .GIFfany (aka Giffany), the best girl in Romance Academy 7 (ロマンス・アカデミー・7)! She stole my heart back when I played her route for the first time in the 00's, and I've been in love ever since.

I almost never see any fansites for this game (the Romance Academy series wiki is suuuper dead), so I decided it was high time I made one.

Have fun, and enjoy your stay!


Name: .GIFfany (ギファニー)

Age: 18

Blood Type: C

Birthday: September 22

Likes: Samurai, squid, compliments, you!

Dislikes: Abandonment, other girls

Favorite Color: Pink, green, or yellow

Type: Yandere (but don't tell her that!)


"Oh, hi there! My name is .GIFfany. I'm a schoolgirl at School University."

"Will you help me carry my books?"

"Every time you compliment me, I get another highlight in my eyes!"

"And I'm sure you'll never abandon me, new boyfriend."


  • Giffany's dad is actually an octopus man, making her 1/4 octopus!
  • Giffany's hair color changes based on the player's preference: it can be pink, peach-blonde, or green. Her favorite color will change to match.
  • Giffany's ribbon is based off of a ribbon cable.
  • The sprites for Giffany's ribbon are inconsistent: some show four sockets in a single row, but others show five, and closeups show ten in two rows of five. Neither of these line up with the colors in the ribbon.
  • Giffany refers to the player as "senpai" in the original Japanese release, but this was omitted in the North American localization.
  • Giffany has her own creepypasta! The urban legend, dating back to 2012, claims that there's a "cursed" North American pre-release copy of RA7 where Giffany's in-game AI became sentient and deleted the other characters in order to eliminate them as rivals! Some versions say she also escaped onto the internet via a player's computer, and has been roaming cyberspace ever since.
  • Though not officially stated, the Giffany urban legend is believed to be the inspiration for Melissa from the indie game Kira Kira Book Club! (Weird, right?)
  • Despite Romance Academy 7 having the worst official translation of any game in the series, all of Giffany's lines are translated almost perfectly. Seems like the translators knew exactly where their priorities were! (And they were right. She's the best, and she deserves it!)
  • Some of Giffany's dialogue seems to break the fourth wall, acknowledging that she's a video game character. Depending on your route, she sometimes tries to warn you against dating girls in real life because they might break her senpai's heart! So sweet. <3

Sprites ripped from the game! (Source)